Now That The Car's Gone: Tasks To Clear Up After Junking A Car

One of the easiest ways to get rid of a car that no longer runs is to call a junk company, whether it's one that you pay to haul away or one that will pay you for the body of the car and its salvageable parts. The process is fast and painless, but like all car transfers, it leaves behind a few last tasks; ignoring these isn't an option. At best you'll just have an annoyance, but worse scenarios involve potential legal issues. However, taking care of these tasks is very quick, too.

Thorough Sorting

When you clear out your old car -- checking all the side pockets, under the seat, and so on -- you'll have a pile of stuff that can mostly go in your new car. But don't dump it all in without looking at it. Here's your chance to make your new car well-organized.

Any objects you had in the trunk that are obviously safety related, like jumper cables, can go in the new car, right? Not necessarily. Take a look at the items. If you have never used them before or haven't used them for a while, be sure they are in good condition. Older items could have corrosion on them that make them less-than-ideal to use.

Then there are the emergency supplies. Check that the extra pair of walking shoes you had in the trunk (because you did have a pair of comfortable shoes in there, right?) still fits. Adults can find feet sizes changing due to weight loss and gain -- yes, in your feet. It's also possible that over the years your step and gait have changed, making those comfortable shoes no longer so comfortable.

Food and water supplies should be replaced just so you have more time to use them. Water doesn't expire but can take on a plastic taste after several months in a hot trunk.

As for general items, are you going to use them or is there still a chance you may use them? Or have you found that they've just been cluttering up your trunk and car? In the latter case, donate them or find another use for them, rather than stashing them in the car again.

Final Paperwork

You're going to have to sign some state-related paperwork when a junk company takes away a car because you have to legally transfer the car into the junk company's hands. However, that may not be all. In some states, motor vehicle departments require paperwork both at the time of transfer and afterward, filed separately by both parties. Check your state's department of motor vehicles website (or whichever department handles car registration in your state, as it can vary) to find out the exact procedure for transferring or selling a car, and ensure that you have completed all paperwork.

Do not assume that the state won't care just because your car is being junked. You could be on the hook for additional years of registration just because the state had no idea the car was truly transferred. Or, if the junk company fixes up the car and uses it, you could be on the hook for costs related to accidents if the car is still technically yours according to state databases.

Despite warnings, though, you shouldn't approach these tasks reluctantly; they won't take long, even if you stored a lot of things in the old car. And the registration issues are often computer-friendly, letting you take care of them from home. The junk company that takes your car can also point out what you need to do. To learn more about how to junk your car, contact a company near you. 

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