Three Reasons Why Engine Oil Recommended for BMWs Is So Different From Other Oils/Cars

BMW engine oil is nothing particularly special. In fact, the company does not make a brand-name oil to use in its vehicles. It does, however, require that you use only synthetic engine oils. That is not a rule that should be broken -- ever. Here are the reasons why engine oil for "beamers" or "bimmers" has to be synthetic and why these makes of cars are so different from other vehicles.

Synthetic Oil Is Cleaner All Around

Natural oils for engines still have a lot of the crude oil particles in it, despite the refinery process. Synthetic oils are manufactured, making them a lot cleaner from the start. That means that cars that can only run on synthetic oil have cleaner engines for a much longer time than their natural oil-fed engine counterparts. It also means that synthetic oil-only cars and engines will only need an oil change every 7,500 miles, rather than the usual 3,000 miles recommended for natural oil-fed engines.

The Whole Point Is Greater Mileage and Less Maintenance

Car maintenance is a real pain. It gets expensive, and it consumes a lot of time most people do not really have. This particular car manufacturer wanted to make vehicles more fuel efficient, with greater miles to the gallon and less maintenance. Most of their makes and models fit the company's goals. All of them need fewer oil changes and less maintenance because of the engine design and the requirement for synthetic oil only. 

It Is a Luxury Vehicle

This manufacturer makes vehicles that are synonymous with luxury. Luxury cars always get extra "perks" that other vehicles do not. A vehicle that requires less expense and less time caring for is one that costs more from the start. Despite the fact that owners are paying more for a luxury vehicle up front, they pay less caring for it,  maintaining it, and maintaining its engine.

Getting the Oil Checked and Changed

If you do not drive your BMW often, you can probably go almost an entire six months to a year without having to check or change the oil. Even at a thousand miles driven each month (which is a lot!), you would only have to change the oil once a year. When you do have the oil changed, be sure to ask for a synthetic oil recommended by the dealership where you bought your vehicle. Do not allow a natural oil into these vehicles, or you will ruin the engine!

​Consult your BMW dealer to request specific BMW engine oil for your luxury vehicle. 

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