How To Prevent A Transmission Blowout

Blowing out a transmission isn't one of those things that just happens. Quite often, it is the result of poor driving and maintenance habits that put too much stress on the transmission and other moving parts of the vehicle.

Although there are cases where your transmission may blow due to an unavoidable reason such as a design or manufacturing mistake, it's usually easy to avoid blowing out your transmission by doing or avoiding certain things.

Maintain the Right Levels of Transmission Fluid

The transmission fluid doesn't just help in the operation of the transmission system; it also helps to cool and lubricate the components of the transmission system. Therefore, when the level of this fluid is low, the parts inside will start to experience excessive friction leading to overheating.

Change the Transmission Fluid

Every car manufacturer will provide instructions regarding how often you should change the transmission fluid. Changing transmission fluid is usually necessary since it can become dirty or ineffective when it has been used for a long time. In this condition, the fluid can't perform its function or lubricate the internal parts of the transmission. This can cause the transmission to start overheating.

Never Use the Wrong Transmission Fluid

Your transmission system is designed with a specific transmission fluid in mind. Using any other fluid other than what is recommended can easily kill your transmission. If your car is automatic, you can't use manual transmission fluid even temporarily; doing so can have disastrous consequences.

Avoid Drag Racing

The main reason why a transmission will blow out is due to overheating. Drag racing definitely doesn't help in this regard since it causes the torque converter to produce a lot of heat in a short time. If you're doing this from one red light to the next, you're not giving the converter enough time to cool, and the transmission will not be able to handle this.

Avoid Using Your Transmission System as a Break

When you change direction e.g., from moving forward to reversing or vice versa without bringing your car to a complete stop, you're basically using the transmission system to stop the car; this can cause the system to wear very quickly, and you'll soon need transmission repair.

Avoid Driving Before the Engine is Warm

Transmission fluid performs at its best at a certain temperature. If it's too cold e.g., in the morning, and it's not given enough time to warm up, it won't perform its lubricating job effectively.

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