Don't "Dash" Your Dreams of a Vintage Vehicle! Find That Dash Pad Now!

Fixing up an old vehicle is one of the best old hobbies there is. For some guys and gals, the sense of accomplishment one gets from taking a scrap car from junk to a fully running vehicle is worth every frustrating moment and every bloody, oil-smeared knuckle. However, there may be times when you just want to throw in the shop towel because you cannot find the vintage parts you need. If you are so close to making your project car complete, do not give up now. Whether you need a few dash vents or a full 1970-74 E body dash pad, you can find it. If you have not tried any of the following auto parts location methods yet, they should help you look a little further than you already have. 

Call the Manufacturer Directly

What is the make of your project vehicle? Have you tried calling that manufacturer directly? You might be surprised to learn that manufacturers often have storerooms and warehouses stacked to the ceiling with parts that they saved from vehicles they never assembled or stopped assembling decades ago. Sometimes the parts were salvaged from vehicles that had other defects, and subsequently, all of the extra parts were scrapped and/or salvaged. Whatever reason that these parts were not used, or initially used and then stored, there is a very good chance that the manufacturer may have what you need. 

If the manufacturer does not have a secret stash of body dash pads (or anything else you are looking for), they may be able to locate it for you. They have a massive search database that logs where certain vehicles ended up after the vehicles ended up in accidents, or were scrapped by owners. They can do an in-depth search for the part(s) you need, for a price, and then secure those parts for you. 

Advertising Pages in Car Aficionado Magazines

Do you know where other car collectors go to sell extra parts? They have a very unique marketing scheme that does not include just local newspapers or online want ads. It includes the back pages in car magazines, where you can advertise any parts for sale, and offer to sell or trade what you have. There are no other places where you can make an ad to trade for other car parts someone else might have, which is why other car collectors go to these pages first when they are having a hard time finding parts. 

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