What Options Do You Have For Truck Transmission Repair?

One of the last things any car owner wants to hear is that they're dealing with a transmission problem. This critical part of the car also has the misfortune of being expensive and, sometimes, time-consuming to repair. Therefore, when a truck has a transmission issue, the car owner may have a serious decision to make regarding the future of their car.

There are several options that you can explore when you need truck transmission repair.

Repairing the Damaged Part

Unless you're dealing with extensive wear and tear in your transmission system, you can usually get away with only repairing or replacing the specific part that is damaged. A truck transmission has many parts and the whole system may fail to work if just one part is damaged.

To repair or replace a single part of the transmission, the technician will have to conduct a thorough assessment of the system. Proper diagnosis is the key to identifying and fixing the correct part. Without this, the entire process won't be different from guesswork. Unfortunately, a single part failure can cause other parts to fail within the transmission system. This can complicate this approach.

Transmission Rebuild

Rather than taking time to single out a single problem, this approach gets rid of every potential cause of the problem. In many cases, the repair of every damaged part within the transmission system is not feasible. This usually warrants a complete overhaul of the system. Rather than trying to identify and repair individual parts that are damaged, the entire transmission is taken apart and everything that's damaged or worn is replaced. The transmission is then reassembled to specifications that were set in the factory.

Transmission Remanufacture

This is identical to a transmission rebuild except it's not done in a repair shop. A transmission remanufacture is done in a factory. This means that the work is done by people who understand the truck's transmission better than anyone else.

Transmission Replacement 

Replacing your transmission should only be considered as a last resort. Of all the available options, it is the most expensive. This is why even those who opt to replace their transmission might often go for one that is used. You should also consider that not every repair shop or dealer will have a brand new transmission waiting, and getting a brand-new transmission from the manufacturer may take a while.

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