Car Exhaust Problems? It Might Be Time For A Muffler Repair

A muffler helps regulate the amount of exhaust that is emitted from your vehicle. It comes attached to the catalytic converter, which breaks down harmful gases into less toxic ones. The catalytic converter will still function even if the muffler has broken down. However, suppose you experience car exhaust problems. In that case, you should get an inspection right away to discover what is causing the problem and promptly work on muffler repairs.

Effects of Exhaust System Problems

Issues with exhaust can be caused by a number of things, including high temperatures, a clogged catalytic converter, or a damaged muffler. In either case, the gases try to exit the car through the same hole, which restricts the exhaust flow.

The catalytic converter helps to slow the exhaust gases down. It removes most of the pollutants from the exhaust. The catalytic converter can become clogged by objects in the exhaust, such as pieces of metal or dirt. The catalyst in the catalytic converter converts the pollutants in the exhaust into harmless carbon dioxide and water vapor. If the catalytic converter becomes clogged, the exhaust gases can ignite, and this can cause your car to backfire.

Corrosion Causing Exhaust Issues

When you find rust in the exhaust system, you often assume the problem is in the muffler. This isn't necessarily the case. The muffler parts aren't actually that expensive, and fixing them is relatively easy. In fact, the muffler may be just fine. What may be happening is a leak or a bad oxygen sensor—one of the components of the exhaust system.

Oxygen sensors measure how much oxygen is entering the engine. The sensors feed that information back to the car's computer. The computer then adjusts the engine's fuel mixture according to how much oxygen is entering the engine and how much air is escaping out the tailpipe. This setup lets the computer maintain a constant air-fuel ratio, which is ideal for efficient combustion.

Corrosion can also cause the exhaust to make strange noises, such as ticks. These issues can be due to the pipes, muffler, and other components of your exhaust system that have corroded.

Noises and Problems with Exhaust Systems

Exhaust systems also create a lot of noise. However, with muffler repairs, it is possible to make your car quieter. The noises can sound like engine misfiring, ticks, or loud backfiring.

Problems with your exhaust can make a variety of noises, including a very unpleasant one called "the backfire." This noise happens when the gases in the exhaust get hot enough to ignite. The noises that sound like ticks or misfiring are often due to corrosion, but they could be due to an exhaust pipe that has been damaged or knocked loose.

A small investment in muffler repairs can prevent major damage to your vehicle's engine or transmission. Contact a muffler repair service for help dealing with these issues.

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