Things To Look For When Replacing Hydraulic Hoses And Lines On Your Vehicle

Any place a hydraulic hose is in use on a car or truck can become a failure point from stress and wear. Proper care and quality replacement hoses are the best defense against a failure in these systems, and knowing what to look for when inspecting the lines or replacing the hoses is essential. 

Brake Systems

One place you will find a hydraulic hose on your vehicle is the connection point between the hard lines on the car and the brake caliper or slave cylinders. Because the brake assembly is mounted on the suspension, it needs to be able to move up and down with it. The line also needs to move when the front wheels turn with the steering. 

A hydraulic hose is the best way to provide the pressure containment necessary for the system to function and still allow the movement you need. The lines are rubber on the outside but have several layers of woven polyester cord in between layers of rubber. The design allows them to bend and move but protects the rubber from damage or kinks that could cause a system failure. 

Because the hydraulic hose is under the vehicle, exposure to weather and road debris is inevitable. Eventually, wear will become an issue, and the hose will need replacing. When it is time for new hoses, buying a high-quality replacement is vital to ensure they work correctly and last. 

Replacement Hoses

If you need to replace a hydraulic hose in the brake system or somewhere else in your car, it is crucial that you get the best quality lines you can afford.

You should inspect the replacement hoses when you get them. They should feel like rubber, not plastic on the outside, and the fittings should be secure, with no gaps between the steel and the rubber. The threads on the ends also need to be in good shape, or they will be hard to install and could damage the threads on the brakes if you try and force them in place.

If the hydraulic hose does not meet your standard, use a different brand or source them from the factory parts department at your local dealership. Hydraulic hoses are not a part that you want to wonder about, and whether they are brake lines, power steering lines, or transmission cooling lines, a failure of the system could leave you sitting on the roadside waiting for a tow truck to take your car or truck to a shop for repairs.

to learn more about hydraulic hoses, contact an auto part supplier in your area.

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